Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Black Brother, I need you to stand! I need you to recognize your power, show off your strength, I need you to take my hand.

Black Brotha, what happened to the days when you carried me and your children on your back, through the hills and sands, through the deserts and storms, through the mountains and wars?
Black Brother, now you call me and my sisters sluts, bitches, shawties, lil mamas and whores.

Black Brotha, what happened to the days when I was your more sought out treasure? Now you look at me like a piece of meat….as if I’m only there for your sexual pleasure.

Black Brotha you walk around here with your pants hanging down, gold on your teeth, and you look at me and say, “To hell with an education!”

But that possible education can educate you that you are the one that built this nation.

Black Brotha, what is it, my strong Black Brotha? If I don’t have big breasts, a big butt, long weave and thick thighs, my beautiful black skin is not enough to get your attention?

Black Brotha, when you speak of the ones that are always there for you…..when it comes to your black sistas? ….. not even a mention.

Black Brotha, you are running out on the ones that need you the most: Your children, you wives, you sisters, your mothers.
The black woman is the one that loves and cherishes the ground you walk on…..not the others.

Black Brotha, what happened to the time when you made me feel like a precious jewel, a valued stone, a pot of gold, your most cherished possession?
I don’t know what happened, but lend me your ear. Let me teach you this lesson.

I am not your whore, your slutt, your bitch or your shawty. I am your queen, your Sheba, your diamond, I’m flawless.

Black Brotha, I’m not your lil mama, your ma, your boo, or your baby mama.
Black Brotha, I’m the mother of this earth, the mother of all, your supporter, and the mother of your intelligent African American Children, without the drama.

Black Brotha, I go through these struggle with you, therefore I’m to be cherished, admired, loved, and protected.
When it comes to you and I, my brotha, that bond should never be affected.

Black Brotha, you see, I’m still here for you, because this is a part of the battles, the wars, and the thick and thin.
Black Brotha, I will still admire you as the strong and mighty being that you are, although you love one who doesn’t have my skin.

Black Brotha, You have turned your back on me, my brotha, but that’s ok. I take that as you being blind, a little unconcerned, belligerent, what more can I say?

Black Brotha, don’t think for a minute, my Brotha, that I will ever be happy that you love another….. one that doesn’t have my skin.
When it comes to the one that suffered through history…..that’s me. That’s something that “she” will never win.

Black Brotha, when I raise my fist in happiness, lift my voice, and scream “MY BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL, LOUD, PROUD AND STRONG!”
You look at me as if I have done something wrong.

Black Brotha, wake up! I need you! I feel you slipping away from my grasp.
Our African American children need you. Their slipping through society without a man’s discipline is not going to last.

Black Brotha, Black Brotha. I need you to stand! I need you to recognize your power, show off your strength, I need you to take my hand.

Spoken Word "AS I WALK BY" Written and recorded by Tameka TheHurricane ...

Excuse me brother, but can you step aside as I walk by? Please give me room, because these hips will knock you down as they swing from side to side.

As I walk by, try not to become mesmerized by the scent of my body’s natural smell, because it is ever so sweet. Try not to let your mind wonder, and wonder and wonder, at the sweet little things that you want to say to me.

Try not to get turned on by the swing of my hips, or the sound of my stilettos, as they click clatter on the ground. As I walk by, try to get a good look at me, because not too many like me come around.

As I walk by, don’t get too fascinated by the swing of my hair, or the twinkle in my eye. Don’t get too excited by the glistening of my lips, my brother, as I walk by.

My brother, don’t get intimidated by my attitude, and confidence that I have about my self. I carry confidence as if I have that Donald Trump kind of wealth.

As I walk by, my brother, don’t forget to smile. There is something gentle, kind, and warm in a man’s smile that we like to see every once in a while.

As I walk by, my brother, please realize that I am a woman on a mission. You just might notice that I am the woman that your life is missing.

As I walk by, my brother, try not to be stunned by the flawlessness of my skin, and the twinkle of the diamonds in my ears. Realize, my brother, I’m a strong woman, and it shows, even through my tears.

Realize, my brother, as I walk, the strength of my legs as they carry my stature, which seem to be effortlessly. Realize my brother, as I walk by, my space should be given to me.

-Miss Tameka R. Frost


So she was off yesterday, and everything was peaceful. The coworker got a chance to take a two hour lunch, and I left two hours early for the evening. We come in today, and another coworker gives me the warning when I get out of the car, "She has an attitude today." I give my usual roll eyes, flip hair and go on in the office. Big deal! I walk over to my desk and there is a note that reads, "Tameka, I need all of your guest cards! Per our last meeting, you are to put all guest cards and rentals on my desk!" Again, I give my eye roll, flip hair
balled up the paper loudly, and walked into her office and said, "This is the only guest card that I have. To my understanding, I thought you wanted everything when you were here, not while you were gone. She said, "I was clear. I want it when you get it." You probably guessed the look I gave her....

This little skinny blonde broad is really tripping. She makes me really sick of her little funky attitude whenever it's obvious that she didn't get any "love" from her husband the night before. I have had a few run ins with this heffa before, and I had to straight up let her know, that I am not the daughter that she raises at home. I'm a grown woman just as she is and she will treat me as such.

There are too many people out here that have been granted their position out of luck. They get these high positions and try to look down on the people they employ. Don't get me wrong; there are some "bosses" out there that are angels, but this one right here was bred strickly from Satan! She really doesn't have any true feelings for other people although she tries hard to make it seem as if she does. Sometimes I come in here and I just want to walk out to never look back.

I'm still learning, but I know that I should never allow someone else's mood or actions to effect me. It has taken some hard work and discipline to get this way. I just stay out of her way, and she stays out of mine. Other coworkers try to run in and be her friend when she is on a warpath, but I know myself
I should just stay back, because I am known to say what I feel. I haven't always been this way, but situations like this made me how I am now.