Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So, Kim Kardashian is singing now. Womp Womp! *insert blank stare here!* I really hate it for the many people that would love to get into the music business, but is having such a hard time doing so. I mean, there are some people out here that has extreme talent, but they can't catch a break to save their lives! But here comes this "socialite" making a song that sounds like something that somebody's baby wrote, and she makes it at the drop of a hat! The song sucks, by the way. I saw a comment on another blog that said that the song sounded like one of those Kids Bop songs; that is exactly what it sounds like! Seriously though....what does Kim Kardashian even do?

Paris Hilton did it too, and she is no more than a socialite as well. I guess if you show your face in the hottest places, you can grab a mic and do your thing whenever you are ready! Hey Kim and Paris, Just because you are well known for your big butt and injection filled face, doesn't mean you can belt out a tune like Minnie Riperton. This song is a calamity! Now, before somebody thinks I'm "hating", let me explain this; I am nowhere near jealous of someone that becomes famous by making a home made porn video. Have some respect for yourself! You disrespected yourself when you made that porn tape, and you are killing yourself fast with this dumb song! Post the link in your browser to hear the song. Check it at the bottom......if you even care. #HatedIt