Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beware of the Payment Kiosk!!!

Ok, I work in Customer Service. *sigh*. There is a payment kiosk at the back of our store where people can go and make their own payments, you know, SELF SERVICE! People are TERRIFIED of this damn machine! I had a lady to come in the store today. I asked her what had brought her in, and she said that she was there to make a payment on her account. I then pointed to the payment kiosk and the look of fear that came over her face was HILARIOUS! She said, "Oh, I a very nervous person! I CAN'T USE THAT THING!" So, I had to stand by her and hold her hand until she got through using the machine.

That's the first thing people say when I tell them about the kiosk: "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE THAT THING!" Oh how I wish I could just jab back and say, "WELL, HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO USE IT?"

It's no secret that we live in a very spoiled world. Everybody wants someone else to do things for them without them having to try. A lady came in one day, and I asked if she was paying her bill and she said, "Yeah since you won't do it for me!" With a very bitchy nasty attitude! I mean, people get down right mad or scared when I point this monster of a machine out to them! Now, if an old person comes in, there is no doubt that I will go back there and even make the payment process for them without asking any questions, but these are younger people that are very well-able bodied.

Our kiosk is so simple that a 6 year old can do it. You click on PAY MY BILL. Then, you click on whether you are paying a cell phone bill or house phone bill. Then, it TELLS YOU how much is due. You click on PAY FULL AMOUNT or PAY ANOTHER AMOUNT. Then, you click on which payment method you are using, then VOILA! You feed the machine, and you are DONE!

What in the world is so hard about that?!