Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I understand that this may not be that funny to some people, because unfortunately, a lot of people have experienced the death of a loved one because of drunk driving. Please understand that in NO WAY am I posting this blog to encourage drinking and driving. I am posting this to speak of my OWN PERSONAL experience.


So I was driving from the casino on Saturday night, and I had drank a couple STRONG long island ice teas. Actually, I had THREE! As I was driving on Highway 61 toward my home, I felt extremely relaxed. I was listening to some music (throwback H-Town cd) and I felt as if I had absolutely no care in the world! I was on cloud 9.....literally! I thought to myself, "Wow! It could be possible that I drive better after I have been drinking!" The reason why this thought crossed my mind is because I suffer from anxiety, and whenever I drive at night, I find myself going through phases of Derealization. That is the feeling and sensation that you are dreaming that you are there when you really are there.
Derealization is very hard to describe. I also feel high levels of panic at times when I am driving down long, dark roads by myself or across long bridges.

Alcohol is known to calm you, so that's exactly what it did for me when I was driving home from the casino! I felt GOOD! Obviously, I wasn't too drunk to the point where I couldn't drive at all. (Trust me, if I had gotten to that point where I couldn't drive at all, I wouldn't have gotten behind the wheel.)

I felt like my mind was at ease, and I didn't have any bouts of anxiety. I didn't feel panicky, and actually, when I got home, I really didn't want to get out of the car because I didn't want that relaxed feeling to end! I just wanted to keep driving down the long road with "that feeling". I felt in control!

I can't say that I will actually try it again, because I do understand that driving while intoxicated is never a smart move, but it was just something about that night that relaxed me. I am going to New Orleans this weekend, but I'm not driving. There is a long bridge that I have to cross over, (about 20 minutes of bridge), so I'm sure I will take a couple shots before I get to that point. I bet "that feeling" of calm is even better on the passenger's side! Wow! Can't wait! LOL!