Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hurricane's Confession: MY OBSESSION WITH DREAD HEADS!!!!

It's no secret. I fall all over myself when I see a man with really nice dreads. It's just something about it! I love to see a man with long, neat dreads without all the stray hairs sticking up everywhere! I am not into the ones that have the knotted ones that need to be chopped off with a garden rake, or a bulldozer. Don't get me wrong; I am all into guys that dress nice and carry themselves well, but it's just something about those dang dreads!

I didn't even realize my feelings about dreads until I was walking in Wal Mart one time with my mom, I think this may have been last year during one of our many outings together. A very handsome guy walked by, and she said, "Um! A man with dreads, and YOU didn't say anything?" (That let me know that I must have been talking about it a lot anyway and didn't realize how much.) I DIDN'T EVEN SEE THE GUY AT FIRST! When I turned around, I almost fell out! This guy had pretty, neatly braided dreads down to his butt, and they looked sooooo good! He turned around like he may have felt my eyes burning through his skin, and gave me a great big ol' smile! I said, "You know you fine, don't you?" He just gave me a wink, a small chuckle, and kept it moving. *Ahhhhh* That wink, that smile, and the swing of his dreads when he turned around to walk away just set my world on FIYAH!!!

Ever since then, I have been able to spot a guy with dreads from miles away! Just like a man's shoes, his hair, and the way he keeps up with it tells me a lot about that man, himself. If his dreads are long, that lets me know that he is patient. Growing those things take a long time! If they are neat, that let's me know that he takes time to keep them up. If they are REALLY neat, that lets me know that he just may NOT be cheap, because maintaining them are NOT cheap. It also lets me know that he doesn't believe the hype about a man should never have hair longer than a woman. It let's me know that he doesn't fall right into the hoopla about what society believes "should be".

YES!!! I even walk up and ask to touch them most of the time. I get some kind of "woosahhhh" feeling when I touch them. I know this can be irritating to some people, because I, myself, have fairly long hair, and people constantly want to put their hands in it. BUT, I haven't found one dread head that has told me "No." Matter of fact, they kind of like it when a woman gives them compliments on their hair.

So, to all of my dread heads, baby, I see you!!! Trust and believe, I SEE YOU!!! Keep up the good work, fellas. I love you!!!! LOL!

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