Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trip to New Orleans, Crawfish, Wonderful Culture, and oh yeah...QUIT MY JOB!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! This is just what I needed. Right now, it is Sunday, March 13, 2011 at 12:00 a.m. and I'm sitting in my hotel room in New Orleans, La. I'm sitting here thinking about how good it has been to just be able to get away. My friend guy, who was born and raised in New Orleans, brought me down here as a weekend getaway. I have really enjoyed being able to see some things that I have never seen before. For example: Canal and Bourbon Streets! Wow! Those are my types of places! To just see a different array of people from different backgrounds come together to experience the sites and sounds of this place, post Hurricane Katrina. They have rebuilt so many things and places, but there are a lot of houses that still have the writing on the outsides of them that notify other officials of whether any fatalities were discovered during the search and rescue after the hurricane. I got a chance to eat some of the tastiest crawfish and corn on the cob that I have ever tasted, plus, I found out that I had been eating my crawfish wrong the whole time! Mr. Native of New Orleans, Louisiana taught me the right way :)

I had a extremely tasty shrimp po-boy! Yum Yum!!! The hotsauce was dripping, the pickles were juicy and tasty....Ohhhhhh! How yummy!
I was only here a Friday night, and a Saturday night, so I didn't really get a chance to pack a lot of it in, but I got enough to make me willing to do my next task, and that is to...

quit my job Pictures, Images and Photos

I have been struggling with how to do this for a long time. I have even gone so far as to look up blogs on how important it really is to give a two week notice. I have, of course, read SEVERAL blogs that explain why giving a two week notice is so important. Yes, to be able to have that great recommendation from my current boss if I were to ever need her would be great, if I really thought the bitch would give me a good one. I am not going to give a two week notice because I have already accepted employment with another company, in which my training is out of town beginning on April 4, 2011. After training for that position for two weeks, I will return to my town, and begin working with the company full time. Of course this doesn't explain why I am not giving a two week notice, so here is a little history:

I have been working for my current employer for four years now. Actually, in October, I would have been here for five years, and next year, they are supposed to reward me a bullshit plaque that I can totally do without.
I am the only African American female working in the office with three Caucasian females. Feel the drama coming already? Yeah, you should.
I have put in some hellified work for this company. I have had a total of three severe injuries (outside of work) which included a torn Medial Collateral Ligament in my left knee, a fractured right foot, and two major ligaments torn in my right foot as well. (Yes, my right foot has caught hell!) Anyway, out of those three injuries, I only missed a total of 4 days. I was at work, front and center, doing my job. I did not receive any sympathy from my coworkers, including my "boss".
I had to have an emergency dental (surgical) procedure done, and I was taken off work for that weekend by the dentist. When I got to work on Monday morning, my "boss" greeted me with a big fat write up and told me that "You put everybody in a bind when you took off work."

This job has caused me constant anxiety and worry, panic attacks, stress and an ulcer. When I had my first anxiety attack, I went to work the next day and got on the phone with a friend of mine. I hadn't been on the phone for a complete minute, then my "boss" walked to my desk, tapped on it, and said, "You need to get off the phone." When I got off the phone, she had the nerve to tell me to go to the back and file some papers! Now, let me tell you why this ruffled my feathers. I had just got to work, and the night before, I had a major panic attack while I was sitting at my apartment with one of my friends eating some Hooters shrimp. When I got to work, I just picked up the phone, called my friend and told him that I was really worried that I was going to have another panic attack at work, because at that time, I didn't understand what they were, where they came from or whatever. All my mind was telling me is that I was losing my mind and was going to die from it! I didn't have any assignments that needed to be immediately completed, plus, all of us in the office made personal phone calls all the time! Mine just never lasted over an hour like theirs did and still do.

I have had issues with a coworker and I went to her like a woman to discuss them. She then went to the "boss" and tattled on me, in which I, then, got called into the office and "reprimanded", basically, for confronting the coworker with issues that I was concerned about..
There have been commissions stolen from me by coworkers that were never dealt with by my "boss". I felt as if I could never go to her with any concerns, because she is just not the type of person that is easy to talk to.

I was once called into the office and asked if everything was ok in my personal life. When I asked why I was being asked that, the "boss" said because I "sigh" alot.
Ok, I'm going to get on off of that one, because it pisses me off every time I think about that.

We recently hired another Leasing Agent, because the tattle teller was booted up to Assistant Manager. (Yes, this is another reason why I'm leaving.) Since I have been the only Leasing Agent before they hired the new one, this means that I have been the only person in the office answering the phones, showing the model apartment, dealing with upset customers and residents, etc. The only way they were answering the phones was if I was already on the phone with someone, or dealing with a customer. They acted as if they didn't know that this was tiring me out tremendously. I actually saw the "Assistant Manager" look at the phone when it rang and not answer it, because she knew she had the "upper position" and did not have to deal with the constantly ringing ass phones.

The new Leasing Agent that was hired talks too much, and I know I need to get away from her because she is very comfortable with telling me that she would not date black men and her father was an extreme racist. Now, understand; this is just a few things. I have been through so much more with this company. It has weighed me down heavily, and I am so thankful that I have been granted the opportunity to move forward with another company. When I went for the interview, he asked me why I wanted to leave my present employer, and I told the absolute truth. This man actually looked at me and said, "Wow! I see why you want to leave!"

I have typed up my letter of resignation that is effective immediately to my "boss" and another one that I will send to the the Corporate office. The letter to my "boss" actually should have been placed on her desk on Friday evening before I left, but I punked out, but seeing all of these happy, joyous people walking around in New Orleans and getting a taste of different culture and experience has told me to just go on and do it, so I have decided that I will be leaving my notice on her desk tomorrow evening after the office has closed.

Damn a two week notice. Nobody gave me a two week notice that this job would worry me and stress me out to the point that I gained panic attacks, worry, stress, an ulcer and constant migraines. I am going to take the rest of this month off to get myself together for the next job. I already have a friend that works there, that actually helped me to get the position. She is constantly telling me how much she likes working there and how I can just say goodbye to all of the stress I have endured. When I went to the interview, I could tell that all of the associates were happy with where they are. Now, I know that every job has a certain amount of stress, and that's fine, but this mess with this job has been unreal. It's time to go.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I understand that this may not be that funny to some people, because unfortunately, a lot of people have experienced the death of a loved one because of drunk driving. Please understand that in NO WAY am I posting this blog to encourage drinking and driving. I am posting this to speak of my OWN PERSONAL experience.


So I was driving from the casino on Saturday night, and I had drank a couple STRONG long island ice teas. Actually, I had THREE! As I was driving on Highway 61 toward my home, I felt extremely relaxed. I was listening to some music (throwback H-Town cd) and I felt as if I had absolutely no care in the world! I was on cloud 9.....literally! I thought to myself, "Wow! It could be possible that I drive better after I have been drinking!" The reason why this thought crossed my mind is because I suffer from anxiety, and whenever I drive at night, I find myself going through phases of Derealization. That is the feeling and sensation that you are dreaming that you are there when you really are there.
Derealization is very hard to describe. I also feel high levels of panic at times when I am driving down long, dark roads by myself or across long bridges.

Alcohol is known to calm you, so that's exactly what it did for me when I was driving home from the casino! I felt GOOD! Obviously, I wasn't too drunk to the point where I couldn't drive at all. (Trust me, if I had gotten to that point where I couldn't drive at all, I wouldn't have gotten behind the wheel.)

I felt like my mind was at ease, and I didn't have any bouts of anxiety. I didn't feel panicky, and actually, when I got home, I really didn't want to get out of the car because I didn't want that relaxed feeling to end! I just wanted to keep driving down the long road with "that feeling". I felt in control!

I can't say that I will actually try it again, because I do understand that driving while intoxicated is never a smart move, but it was just something about that night that relaxed me. I am going to New Orleans this weekend, but I'm not driving. There is a long bridge that I have to cross over, (about 20 minutes of bridge), so I'm sure I will take a couple shots before I get to that point. I bet "that feeling" of calm is even better on the passenger's side! Wow! Can't wait! LOL!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So, Kim Kardashian is singing now. Womp Womp! *insert blank stare here!* I really hate it for the many people that would love to get into the music business, but is having such a hard time doing so. I mean, there are some people out here that has extreme talent, but they can't catch a break to save their lives! But here comes this "socialite" making a song that sounds like something that somebody's baby wrote, and she makes it at the drop of a hat! The song sucks, by the way. I saw a comment on another blog that said that the song sounded like one of those Kids Bop songs; that is exactly what it sounds like! Seriously though....what does Kim Kardashian even do?

Paris Hilton did it too, and she is no more than a socialite as well. I guess if you show your face in the hottest places, you can grab a mic and do your thing whenever you are ready! Hey Kim and Paris, Just because you are well known for your big butt and injection filled face, doesn't mean you can belt out a tune like Minnie Riperton. This song is a calamity! Now, before somebody thinks I'm "hating", let me explain this; I am nowhere near jealous of someone that becomes famous by making a home made porn video. Have some respect for yourself! You disrespected yourself when you made that porn tape, and you are killing yourself fast with this dumb song! Post the link in your browser to hear the song. Check it at the bottom......if you even care. #HatedIt