Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is Valentine's Day For The Fellas Too?

Well of course it is! I have always wondered how Valentine's Day ended up being for the ladies only. Of course there aren't any men out there that would like to have a teddy bear and balloons sent to their place of employment, but there are several women that would just love to have this! (hint, hint).

Men think that Valentine's Day is a drag because they make it so girly, and so many women make men think that they have to do a good job at buying all the stuff that won't last anyway.

I think Valentine's Day ended up being a Ladies Only day, because think about it: when it rolls around, what do you normally see plastered all over the walls, and placed out in the center of the isles when you go to the local drug store, the local Wal Mart, the local grocery store, etc.? You see huge balloons, heart shaped candy boxes, teddy bears, roses, and cute little cards that women go goo goo ga ga over. You never see an isle full of "man stuff", because they don't really groove on this day.

It should be a day for the male and the female genders. Guys want to be appreciated too, even though they don't admit it that much. Perhaps a paid membership at a gym would be a beneficial and appreciated gift for him, or if the lady isn't intimidated by another woman carressing her man's body with her warm and soft hands, perhaps the lady can send her guy to a massage parlor to get a full body massage.

Back up.....ok, erase that one.

Let's just say that the lady can give him a gift card to a local bar for him and a couple of his fellow friends to go together, sit and have a drink while watching the tv at the bar. (I have never really understood why guys like this so much. Booooring), but it's not really for us to understand why they like certain things on this day; it's about making them happy too. After he is done drinking, lying and talking loud with the guys at the bar, have him to come home to a well cooked meal and you in some lingerie, and know!

Take his car/truck to the gas station and fill it up with gas. Go to his barber and pay for a hair cut for him. Pay for his car to be detailed, then take him out to dinner at a very sophisticated restaurant. (or just do one or two of these things)

Some guys like manicures and pedicures, (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this), so take him to a beauty salon and let him get pampered with that.

Take him on a trip to a nice location, maybe even a beach. If you have been dating him for a while, or married to him for a while, take him to Jamaica, or another exotic place! I'm a woman, so I know how "hellish" we can be. If he has been with your "hellish" behind for all this time, he deserves it! I honestly think that we wouldn't be able to say that there aren't many good guys left, if we would just show the ones that we have that they are appreciated. Just like we act right if they show us that we are appreciated, guys are the same way.

I'm not saying that my few ideas are perfect, but you have to admit that they are pretty good! Those few options beat the crap out of just giving him a random gift card that he will probably never use or a card that guys don't really get off on anyway. Let's be honest; a lot of guys like very simple things, so it's ok to surprise him with something small, but different.

Don't get him anything furry, cuddly, pink, or anything that will deflate in the next few days. Remember, he's a guy, but he wants to know that you love him. Don't do something that he is used to, don't get him anything that is a regular gift, like cufflinks. *Bleh*

Oh, and don't get pregnant! That's my number one rule! haha!