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Basketball Wives Mentality

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Just about all of us have watched the show. We have seen the extreme messiness that is Shaunie, Evelyn, Jennifer, Tami, Suzi, Royce, and Meeka. We have seen the fights, the back stabbing, the eye rolling, the snitching, the craziness and the ghettoness. Yes, we have all talked about them and said that the show negatively depicts us a Black Women, but what I have yet to hear is the fact that many of us ACT JUST LIKE the women on the show!

So many women talk about and throw verbal jabs at each other. So many of 'us' get some kind of high from being in a confrontation with "The Other Woman". So many of 'us' put too much attention in the wrong guy, and protect his character when somebody else calls us out about being so in love with him. So many of 'us' get extremely upset when another woman approaches us with some unnecessary drama, in which it would be better for us to just walk away from it and pay no attention to it. So many of 'us' go out looking for, or engage in fights with every bit of hope that we win and come out on top, but 'we' receive NO gold medal or compensation for winning. So many of us run and tell something that causes a fight, then 'we' come up missing when the fight jumps off. These listed, and so much more dealing with the show is what I call:

Basketball Wives Mentality.

It's funny listening to or reading posts from some women talk about how "messy' the women on the show are, then in the back of my mind, I'm like, "But wait, weren't you just in the bed with so and so's husband last week?" or, "Weren't you just talking about so and so behind her back this morning?" You talk about them, but you ARE them.

This also boils down to the fact that we don't REALLY think before we speak. We are so busy talking about what somebody else is doing, that we actually FORGET what WE are doing. Talking about somebody else always seems to take away from the messiness of what we are doing ourselves. Never mind that me and so and so don't like each other, but it's huge to talk about how Meeka and Tami don't like each other! Never mind the fact that so and so almost snatched my hair out my scalp yesterday because somebody told her what I said about her, but DANNNNG! Did you see how Tami smacked Meeka? Never mind how I sit and gossip about so and so, but JENNIFER, TAMI, MEEKA, EVELYN AND ROYCE ARE SO MESSY, BECAUSE ALL THEY DO IS TALK ABOUT EACH OTHER!


It's pure entertainment to watch the messiness of what somebody else is doing or going through, but we have got to start being more careful about what we are doing in our own lives. Media, Online socializing sites, Reality TV and music videos are ruining our lives. Whenever a certain show such as Basketball Wives is set to come on, we break our necks to get to the house to plop right in front of the television to hear the ladies talk about each other, then we jump right on line or on the phone to talk about them.

Honestly, watching Reality TV and watching the actions of other people is what made me sit back a while ago and recognize that I was doing all the same things. Now, the gossip and the ghettoness actually annoys me. Now, I'm not going to sit here and lie like I'm Miss Goody Two Shoes and don't watch Basketball Wives. Actually, earlier, when I said that some people break their necks to get to the front of the tv to watch the show......yeah, that's me, but at least I can say that my life is NOWHERE NEAR as messy as the girls on that show, which brings me to another fact:


I don't have many. I can count on one hand how many true girl friends I have in my life. I have had the episode more than once, when Evelyn found out that Jennifer had the interview dogging out Chad. I have had the kind of friends that were great friends in front of me, but behind me, they were Jennifer re-made! That's why now, I CAN count them on one hand, and even now, I don't talk about absolutely EVERYTHING with them. Yes, I have the kind of girl friends that I can tell anything too, but come on....a grown woman has to be grown about SOME things. Good girls don't ALWAYS tell. :~)

Watching Basketball Wives can be a danger, subconsciously, to those that don't really know how to control their mind...yes, I do mean that. I'm always talking about how people don't really understand the power of the mind, and if a person doesn't take hold of the controls of their brain, it will take control of them. Well, that goes back to the origination of the Basketball Wives Mentality. Think about it: You see all of these glamorus girls, rich, beautiful, they have it all! I am in total BELIEF that media and television shows keep this mess on tv to keep strife and confusion among women. Think about it; how many shows of MEN do you see like this compared to the shows of women acting a fool with each other?
All they seem to do is sit around, gossip, drink wine, have fun, nothing. What woman wouldn't want that, by a show of hands???

*crickets* .......

because I KNOW I didn't raise my hand! I would love to be able to sit around in a lavish home and talk smack about somebody, DRANK all day, take random trips to Paris just for kicks, so on and so forth! That would be the LIFE, but in actuality, that's NOT the life. We have to work for a living and drink only when we can find time. A lot of us can't dress from head to toe in Dulce, Chanel, etc. So, since we can't do the finer things that they do, we do what we CAN do that they do....gossip and start trouble!

There's no doubt in my mind that the underlying reason why so many women like this show is because of the fact that so many of 'us' are JUST LIKE them. (Look at you! Shaking your head all hard and saying, "B*tch I ain't nothing like them! YOU MIGHT BE!) If many were to do like I did and just sit back and examine our lives, actions, and people we hang around, they may actually be surprised like I was! I came to realize that I was holding on to messy people in my life that really didn't want to be there. I did the whole gossiping thing, the arguing thing, and I tried to dress in a manner in which I though other women would envy me. I have had the misunderstandings and it felt good to have those arguments and feelings that I have won. Not that long ago, my life WAS Basketball Wives. I did all of that, but once you realize that all of that in your life only causes strife and unwanted drama, you will do like me, and just watch the show; just let somebody else act it out.

Pick up your drink, toast, and take a sip to the good life of destroying the Basketball Wives Mentality! (P.S. DAMN! This picture of Evelyn blowing this steam out of her nose is HILARIOUS!) <<<< No, that doesn't qualify as me 'talking about her'. POW!

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