Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ex Boyfriends, oh Ex Boyfriends.....JUST GO AWAY!

Lately, I have had some strange encounters with these Creatures of the Black La'Past! It gives me a chuckle or two how they feel like they can just pop back up and expect me to be all happy that they decided to call, text, or inbox me on Facebook.

Yesterday, a guy I dated (thankfully for a very short time so it never got too serious), that I just knew didn't know what the inside of a kitchen looked like, contacted me and asked if he could cook dinner for me. Ummm...let me think about that one. *turns around and thinks.* Ok, I have your answer. HELL NO! On top of this guy being extremely weird, he was too much of a "socialite". He wanted to go out all the time and be around people that I didn't particularly care for. It became a problem when I told him that I didn't care to run the streets like he did, so, he basically called it off. I tried to get him to cool it and just chill with me sometimes, but he told me that "he couldn't just sit around the house and watch movies; he wasn't that type of guy." Now, he wants to cook me dinner, and rent some movies to sit and watch together. Anybody else confused?

There used to be a time when I would be so happy when an ex tried to call me and get back with me, then, I realized that it is really just a thing that they do; it became a normal thing, then it got boring. They don't miss their water until the well runs dry. Now, I can't help but turn my nose up and wish they were teetering on the side of the earth, so I can walk up and give them a gentle push! Hey! I said, "gentle"! Doesn't that count for being nice?

It cracks me up how an ex can be all hell bent on leaving you, but when you don't give them time or concern,they attempt to come back in full force like nothing ever happened. No mention of the past, no "I'm sorry for what I did" or nothing. Just call me up and say, "Hey! So, what cha doing tonight?" My answer to a question like that from an ex would be, "Well, other than bending over and giving you a good aim for your lips, ummmm....I have nothing else to do."
That's why I always tell people, if they want to leave you, go ahead and let them go! The sooner you let them go, the more time they will have to think about how absolutely awesome you are, then they will start missing you, then they will call you or contact you in some way. The ex that wants to cook for me had my phone number, but I changed the number that he had, so he actually took the time to find me on Facebook.

I was listening to a song this morning by Frankie Beverly and Maze called, Before I Let Go", and it struck something in me. The part where he says, "I want to make sure I'm right before I let go." I think a lot of people can learn a lot from those few words. More people should make sure it's right before they just walk away from somebody, especially if it means that they will avoid embarrassment when they are turned down by trying to get them back later.