Friday, August 6, 2010

Rest in Peace, Home Town Friend.

Mistakes, the Lord does not make. What He does is just as a stern father does to their own child; He uses stern disciplinary actions to get them in order. When tragedy strikes, a lot of us are more concerned about the “Whys”, the “whos”, the “whens” and the “buts” of the situation, but that should be of no concern to us. What we should be concerned about is: What can we do to make this situation better? What can we do to help the family of the person which whom the tragedy struck? What can we do to get our community back on track? Our children are quickly going down the wrong road, what can we do to grab the reigns? In all bad situations, there are internal, deep, important messages to be learned.

God has control over this world. Period. He controls the floods, rain, lightening, and thunder of each and every storm. In light, He also controls the colors of the rainbows after each storm. It may seem crazy to read the following statement, but it is totally true: THERE IS BEAUTY TO BE FOUND IN EACH TRAGIC, OR BAD SITUATION. It is up to us all to figure out what that beauty is, instead of focusing on how terrible the situation is itself. Focusing too hard on the negative of any situation brings, depression, anger, resentment, sickness, despair, etc. Focusing on figuring out what the beauty of the situation is gives us hope, and something to look forward to. Grieve, and focus on the situation only for a moment, because that’s natural. I’m not saying to totally forget about it as soon as it happens; that’s not possible. What I’m saying is to not let it completely get you to the point where you think there’s no hope, because there is so much hope.

There are changes to be made, kids to focus on and get on the right track, and hope to give back. This is the time to focus on the good times, and make preparations for the future, because it can be bright, if only we shine the light. This one struck very close to home, so let this be a reminder that we are only borrowing this time here on earth. ( I, myself don’t like to hear people say that, but it is the truth that sometimes stings the worst.) While we are here on earth, let’s make sure that we love each other to the best of our abilities, and not hate one another. If there is someone that doesn’t like you, or doesn’t value your time, pray for that person anyway, and send them on their way. If you are being talked about by other people, then GREAT! Think about how you would feel if NOBODY was even giving you a thought.

Senselessness is growing rapidly in our communities, and it’s killing our young children, and ones that are nearest and dearest to us.
We have our communities to get back! So, with all that being said, let’s make it happen! Rest in Peace, Richard M. Allen Jr.

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