Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't Be A Prisoner Of Your Life

"Whatever our current circumstances may be,we must refuse to allow the events of our life to make us a prisoner." - Howard Thurman

I think that everyone that is within reading of this blog has been through some things that have made us think twice about other situations that we may encounter. Sometimes we can have the chances of our lifetime, but, because of something that has happened to us in the past, we refuse to move forward.

I, myself, admit to struggling with trust in romantic relationships. Some of you know that I struggled with a past relationship that was hard for me to let go of. I went through a point where I blamed him very hard for hurting me and I declared very loudly, that I would never be in another relationship or trust another person. Although, I do struggle with trust still, I have moved past blaming someone else for the way I felt back then. I have accepted that the way things have turned out in my life, good or bad, were just steps that were already in order for my life.

When you allow things that have brought you down before to disrupt your life to the point that you can't let go, you are blocking your blessings. I am a big believer that God cannot give you what He wants to give you, if your arms are already full of baggage. If you are holding onto something, whether it is fear, regret, pain, anger or grudge, you are a prisoner of your own life. It is supposed to be the opposite are suppose to control the way you handle things that come your way. Nobody wants to be a prisoner....but if you can't let go of things that you think have crippled you, then you are a prisoner.

The mind is such a powerful thing, but if we don't control our thinking, it can take us to places that we really don't want to be. We let fear consume us to the point that we won't try anything that can help us get ahead. If we get turned down for one job, we lag at going after another one. If we don't lose those couple of extra pounds as fast as we had planned, we give up and say that "we can't do it.'' Today is the day that you need to break the chain. Step out of the shackles that are on your feet. The chains and the shackles are not locked. You don't even need the keys to them.

-All is well in our world!

-Tameka R. Frost

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