Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fear and Traveling Don't Mix

California!!! *sighhhhh* I hear you calling my name. There is a whole big ol' world out there that I have no clue what it looks like. I like to sit and look at pictures and videos from different areas in California, (mostly Malibu and Hollywood) and I just have a weird feeling that it's where I'm supposed to be. The area that I live in now doesn't provide with enough motivation. Not that I don't know that I should motivate myself, but it's just pretty much dead here. I live in North Mississippi. I'm basically in an area that is perfect for people that are retired. It's really laid back and kind of quiet. I know that I have been in this area for too long, because I recently visited New Orleans and I felt a huge sense of anxiety with the brighter lights, traffic and activities. On the way down Interstate 55, we got into the New Orleans area and started seeing water everywhere! Well of course I started getting nervous, because I freak out around large bodies of water. I kept a migraine headache the whole time I was there from anxiety, and the excitement got to be so much that I couldn't wait to get back home.

I have promised myself that in 2011 I will begin to do things even if fear arises. I have to stop living my life because of fear, anxiety and stress. I want to get out there and experience things, people and places, and taste new foods etc. Fear has kept me down long enough. Places that I want to go include Hollywood, California, the Hitsville Building where a lot of Motown music was made and recorded
and Malibu, California. The only things stopping me is me, my fear, and anxiety. I have let them take me over for too long. So much of my life has passed me by. I am now 33 years old, and I can't do too much because of fear. Well, I'm on a mission to change all of this! I have to get back into my picture taking habits too. I think I should start a portfolio of my travels so I can keep up with my success at getting over fear.


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  2. You know the fear exists, so that will help you embrace it and ultimately conquer it. I hated flying at one time, but now I have a job that has put me in the air more over the last 2 years than I have in my entire life prior.

    You will get where you want to go. Your desire to be there will eventually overcome your fear. I'm living proof.