Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The End Of The World This and That.....YADDA YADDA YADDA!

Ok, dead birds are falling dead out of the sky in Arkansas and Louisiana....must mean the end of the world is near! Ugh!

My washer stopped working....must mean the end of the world is near! Ugh!

Every single thing that happens is NOT pointed directly straight to the end of the world! I really see why it is very important to control your own mind and thought process; it's extremely important to monitor what your children are watching on television and seeing on the internet. Well, I guess it is hard for adults to monitor this when they, themselves will believe anything.

Nobody knows when the end of the world is. There is no calendar, phone call, website, or human that can tell you an exact date. The only One that can guarantee this, is the Creator of this place. Leave that up to the Creator.

If the world ends tomorrow, there is nothing that we can do or say to either stop it or prepare for it. I even read an article where a man quit his job and only had enough savings to last him through to December 21, 2012, because this is supposedly the day when it will all be over.

Face it; there are some nut jobs out there, and they have a lot of intelligence. They know how to break down and rebuild computers, and some of them have the knowledge it takes to be a genius. Most of this stuff that people read or hear is definitely to control the minds of other humans. With this being said, it's obvious that it is easy to overtake and control someone else's mind; people do it every day.
It really takes a lot for me to believe something, especially something as extreme as "2012 is the end of the world!" I will have to see it to believe it. Instead of thinking that date is the end of the world, we should focus on trying to even make it that far.

The world is so full of craziness. There are way more important things to be concerned with. Let's deal with homelessness, foster children, and world hunger. Maybe if we put the time and effort that we use to believe everything we see, hear, and read on stuff like that, perhaps this WOULD be a way better world.

Control your OWN minds people.

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