Thursday, April 29, 2010


1 Chronicles 14:11\

"So David and his men went up to Baal Perazim, and there he defeated them. He said, "As waters break out, God has broken out against my enemies by my hand."

If you have never had enemies, CONGRATULATIONS! If you have never had someone that really didn't want you to succeed or get ahead of them, even if you didn't know about it, you are a rare breed. Unfortunately, some of us have people in our lives that we encounter that are jealous of us, and that inwardly, don't want us to succeed. They will smile and say, "Congratulations!", but will be seething at your success inside. Jealousy is a sin, and be thankful if you do not have a jealous bone in your body.

Isn't it terrible that there are some people that will stop at nothing to keep you from getting ahead? People can lie on you, cheat on you, talk about you behind your back, steal from you, hurt you (physically or mentally), say words to you that they know will hurt you, etc. Yes, it is terrible, and there are two major ways to rise against them....1) Pray for them, 2) Leave it up to God.
"The battle is not yours, it's the Lord's." It's a guarantee: the results are much better, and can be more satisfying to you if you let Him handle it for you. Confronting someone about damaging your feelings with words, or doing something to you behind your back, whether it's talking about you, or doing something that will keep you from getting ahead, has a major ability to make the problem worse, and make the person even more of an enemy than they were in the beginning. Now, please don't take this as me saying that you should not express your feelings. There are certain situations where your confrontation is required. For example, if someone says something to you that hurts your feelings, and they didn't mean any harm, that situation may require you saying something to that person to let them know that what they said affected you. Now, if someone does something behind your back to destroy you, you can say something if you must let them know that you know, but let God take care of the situation instead of you trying to "get even".

I, personally, do not like to argue with anyone. I also, don't take much laughter in seeing anyone else fail, but if I know someone has done something to me, or said something about me, I kindly walk away from the situation. I have seen many people fail at trying to cause my destruction.

So, be careful at what you do to other people. If you do something to someone that you know is wrong, remember, that person could be asking God to take care of you for them! Let God take care of people that do things to you that you don't deserve; it will be ok. Yes, it will be hard, but trust me; letting God take care of these kind of issues will be better than you taking care of the problem yourself, and causing an even bigger problem.

-All is well in our world!

-Miss Tameka R. Frost

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