Thursday, April 29, 2010

.Psalm 27:1-3 MY TAKE ON IT. (A must read!)

The enemy doesn't care who they attack. The enemy is not always pretty, not always ugly, not always nice, not always mean. No matter what the enemy looks, acts, or thinks like, never think that you are excluded from them. When I say, enemy, I am not talking about a certain person. It can be a certain person, but it can also come in the form of your own confidence and self esteem, a place, or thing. You can go to a certain place more than one time in life, and everytime you arrive, bad things start to happen and don't stop until you leave. The thing could come in the form of, for example, drugs. Drugs can take over your mind, body and soul. They can even take over how you affect other people.

Focus on Psalm 27:3....."Though a mighty army surrounds me, my heart will not be afraid. Even though I am attacked, I will remain confident."

Always remain confident. If you know you are being attacked, remain confident. You just do your job at doing what is right, and let them set themselves up for a fall. Ask for God's help to remain confident. God wants us to be independent and strong, so try the confidence first without asking for help. Ask God to deal with the enemy accordingly. Ask Him with confidence. If it seems that your confidence is falling in the situation, pray. Ask for His help. Yes, sometimes remaining confident can be hard, but always remember, there is something that is permanently deep down inside of you that controls it, and you control that.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO REMEMBER: Always be who you are. Never try to live your life to satisfy others. If you think you are the be all that ends all in the world, then great! Other peoples' thoughts of you should never make you lose confidence in yourself. The enemy can smile in your face, and cut you with words as soon as you turn your back. The few seconds that it took for them to smile, it only takes half of that time for them to frown at you behind your back. You cannot allow that to affect you. *They talked about Jesus.*

It's no secret that people will try their best to cut you down and destroy you. It's how you let it affect you that really matters. Will you allow others to cut you down? Will you let other peoples' actions affect who you are as a person? If you know for a fact that someone dislikes you,will you continue to go around that person, live how they think you should live, or be who you are anyway and love them from a distance?

Now, if you are a person that "doesn't like" or judges someone else, especially on a regular basis, you might need to take some time to focus on who you are. I have always agreed that if you have to talk about or cut someone else down, then you are not happy with yourself. That's not a good thing. If you are truly happy with yourself, you will not find the time to cut someone else down, because you would be too busy delighting in who you are as a person and how great you are! If someone is confident in themselves, or walks around like they are the greatest thing alive, then compliment that person on their own confidence and work on your own. Don't be the enemy. Remember, if you are an enemy and you cut other people down, put yourself on the outside of Psalm 27:1-3, and realize that it is you that they are talking about when it says, "When evil people come to devour me, when my enemies and foes attack me, they will stumble and fall." This includes doing things to other people behind their backs to try to make them fail, talking about someone behind their backs, or downgrading people to their faces. How does that make you feel?

Think about it.

-Tameka R. Frost

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