Thursday, April 29, 2010

As I Walk By...

Excuse me brother, but can you step aside as I walk by? Please give me room, because these hips will knock you down as they swing from side to side.

As I walk by, try not to become mesmerized by the scent of my body’s natural smell, because it is ever so sweet. Try not to let your mind wonder, and wonder and wonder, at the sweet little things that you want to say to me.

Try not to get turned on by the swing of my hips, or the sound of my stilettos, as they click clatter on the ground. As I walk by, try to get a good look at me, because not too many like me come around.

As I walk by, don’t get too fascinated by the swing of my hair, or the twinkle in my eye. Don’t get too excited by the glistening of my lips, my brother, as I walk by.

My brother, don’t get intimidated by my attitude, and confidence that I have about my self. I carry confidence as if I have that Donald Trump kind of wealth.

As I walk by, my brother, don’t forget to smile. There is something gentle, kind, and warm in a man’s smile that we like to see every once in a while.

As I walk by, my brother, please realize that I am a woman on a mission. You just might notice that I am the woman that your life is missing.

As I walk by, my brother, try not to be stunned by the flawlessness of my skin, and the twinkle of the diamonds in my ears. Realize, my brother, I’m a strong woman, and it shows, even through my tears.

Realize, my brother, as I walk, the strength of my legs as they carry my stature, which seem to be effortlessly. Realize my brother, as I walk by, my space should be given to me.

-Miss Tameka R. Frost

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