Thursday, April 29, 2010


Do you recognize your power? Do you understand your strength? Do you see that you possess might?

Woman. When you walk, the whole earth stands still. When you smile, the rivers flow backwards. When you put your foot down to not accept trouble, anguish, depression, hurt, or anger, the ocean trembles. Woman, when you stomp, the world shivers!

Woman. You just don’t get it. You just don’t understand. You just don’t see it. You allow pain. You allow weeping. You allow hurt. Woman, STOP IT! Woman, you are it. You are the earth. You are the sun, the moon and the stars.

Woman. You have the ability to give life! Look at you, your body is equipped to give life to another human being!

Woman. You possess the power to turn YOUR whole world around! Woman, why do you hide from it? What is the “it” that I am talking about? I am talking about the STRENGTH that you were born with. I am talking about the MIGHT that you possess. So, you don’t think you have MIGHT? Take this second to ball up your fist. Do you see that? You have a fist, therefore you have MIGHT!

Woman. You are built like a well oiled machine! You are built to be appealing to the eye! Woman, cherish your body! It is your temple!

Woman. Stomp! Do not tread softly.

Woman. Talk loud and clear. Do not whisper.

Woman. Smile. Don’t frown.

Woman. Lift your head! Do not bow it.

Woman. Do not call yourself a bitch. You have two legs, and not four.

Woman. Do not let a man call you a bitch. That is disrespect. You are to be respected. If you allow this, you are disrespecting yourself.

Woman. Why do you allow depression? For every tear that you lose, that is another second wasted that could have been used to do something productive to get ahead!

Woman. Why are you still hurt by him leaving you? He is gone. That’s ok! You still have you. Nine times out of ten, he will want you back. If not, you have to love YOURSELF enough to realize that although he is gone, YOU are still there.

Woman. You just don’t realize who YOU are. You just don’t recognize your IMPORTANCE. You just don’t feel your MIGHT.

Woman. You are just like the butterfly that was locked in the jar. The butterfly tried desperately to get out of the jar. After a long, struggling hour of trying to get out, it gave up and settled at the bottom of the jar. After the top was lifted off for the butterfly to go free, it remained at the bottom. It didn’t realize that it had the ability to free itself.

Woman. We have young girls out here that don’t have a clue, but think they know it all. Woman, they see everything that you do, and they want to be like you. What are you letting them see?

Woman. Why do you hate her? She is your sister. Why are you jealous of her? If you don’t have the things that she has, you have to ability to get it, or to get better.

Woman. Look at how you have bounced back from so many situations! What makes you think you can’t make it out of this one? Or, why are you afraid of what tomorrow may bring?

Woman. Understand that without you, there is no earth! Nothing or nobody would live! Now, do you see your role? Woman, you have much work to do, so get to it!

Woman. You are WOMAN.

-Tameka R. Frost


  1. Excellent! I like the "you have two legs and not four" reference. Is this your only spoken word post? I know you have a lot of other posts about other things, but I can't remember if I've seen another spoken word post or not.

  2. Thank you! Yes, I have one called As I Walk By on here too.