Thursday, April 29, 2010


No matter what your uniform looks's yours! Wear it with honor. Wear it with pride. Know that it is YOUR uniform. It was given to you. I heard on a popular television show one time, "Play the game with the uniform that you are issued." I agree with that. There is nothing you can do to change your uniform. Sure, it may be battered, it may have holes in it, it may have some dirt on it, but it still covers you.

I'm mighty.
I'm powerful.
I'm able.
I have a choice.

Your SKIN COLOR is your armor. Mine is brown. Strong. Powerful. Unique. It never changes. It covers me. It protects me. My uniform has had holes, but I have patched them up. My uniform has had bruises, but they have healed. My uniform has had scars, but the scars have healed, which shows signs of battles won. I wear my uniform with pride, dedication and honor. I am strong because of my uniform. I play the game of life with ease, because of my uniform. My uniform makes me proud; it makes me strong.

I'm bold.
I'm courage.
I'm peace.
I'm strength.

I am NOT my uniform, and it does NOT make me, but my uniform is MINE, and I will continue to wear it with dignity. I am NOT weak because of my uniform. My uniform is not strange, but it is unique. My uniform is tough, and will never let me down. I wash my uniform with gentle hands. I don't take it to the cleaners, because if I did, my uniform would be in someone else's hands, and nobody deserves to have MY UNIFORM in their hands. It's mine.

I cherish it.
I honor it.
I love it.
I embrace it.

My uniform is my skin color. My skin color is my uniform.

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