Thursday, April 29, 2010

YOUR MIND: Is it your friend, or your enemy?

Your mind can be your best friend, (happiness, no anger, no depression, no frustration) or it can be your worst enemy, (sadness, anger, depression, frustration). Realize that you control these emotions. A lot of people depend on medicine to control these emotions, and the only pill we all need to control them is the effort to do so. We are running around here as insomniacs that are so anxiety ridden, that we don't know what to do. A person told me the other day, that she takes some over the counter medicine called, "Slow Your Role" to help her sleep at night. We don't need these sleep aids. A lot of you take Five Hour Energy, and drink Red Bull after Red Bull for energy. We don't need all of this! Have you ever stopped to think about how your heart rate raises slightly after drinking those energy drinks?


All we need is peace of mind, that doesn't come at a price. It doesn't take much to sit in silence and quiet your mind. The first few times will be hard to make our minds quiet all of the constant chatter, but it can be done. When you can't control the constant mind chatter, that is when your mind has taken control of you, instead of vice versa. It is so much easier to be mad, frustrated, angry, bitter, and sad, as it is to be happy, easy going, enthusiastic, forgiving and carefree. It feels as if it takes more effort to be in positive mind; well, that is true. It does take more effort.

A lot of our problem is that we expect so much to be given to us, and we don't want to work for it. Sadly, you have to work for happiness; it won't just come to you effortlessly. If you are the type of person that seems to always be upset, ask yourself why. You might be surprised at how simple your "problems" and "issues" really are.

So start thinking today about what makes you so upset. What is that constant thing that keeps nagging you? Why are you wasting energy on thoughts that make you angry, frustrated, bitter, or sad? That energy can be used on "happy thoughts". Putting myself on blast: I am dealing with anger, frustration and bitterness. Every day is a constant fight to over-ride angry thoughts, or to not be so frustrated so easily, but I am a constant improvement. I sometimes, am surprised at how far I have come along. If you think I am snappy now, you should have known me a long time ago!

Keep thriving, don't stop trying, and just keep living. This life is yours; you deserve it, so act like you know it :)

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