Thursday, April 29, 2010


This is me. You have to take all of me, or nothing at all. You can't break me down and just take parts like an old Chevy. My heart is as strong as a brick, and my love flows as smooth as a river. I dance to the sound of my own music! Yes, only music I can hear.

When I love, I love deep. So if you come at me, you better be ready. If you are blessed enough to be the receiver of my love, my heart, my passion, you better know what you are doing. If you don't, stay away. I'm a WOMAN. I have things to do.

My voice sings like a songbird, and my touch is like gold. My steps in my life are in order, and my word is my bond. I am a train that is coming to your town. It is up to you if you will get on or not. If you don't, I will leave you. Simple as that! No, I am not typing this to be a poem; this is just coming at you straight, no chaser! I ain't gone mess around with yall! I'm a WOMAN, and I got things to do.

I have had disappointments, some that I still think about from time to time, but the "go gettem'' attitude that I possess has helped me to move on from situations that don't even deserve my thoughts! Yes, my heart has been broken, but the fabulous thing about MY heart, is that I don't need any pins, needles, or a sewing kit to bond it back together. It does it on it's own! I don't have time to fix heartache, because I'm a WOMAN, I have more important things to do.

When you see me walking down the street...MOVE! I am a woman on a mission! I have things to do. I have dreams to go get and goals to obtain. No, I am not perfect to you, but in my eyes, there is no other! Whether you like me or not, I am still going to be awesome! I love me, God loves me.....who else should matter?

I am a WOMAN, that can admit to my past past bad decisions, and admit that I have allowed hurt, but you know what? Although you see the bruises, you better believe that they are healed! I see them as battle scars, that reminds me of where I have been! The road is long, dark, cloudy, and sometimes questionable, but who is afraid? You may be, my friend, but I'm not. I have things to do, so get out of my way! I'm a WOMAN, and I have things to do.

I love the WOMAN that I have been, and the WOMAN that I am now....flaws and all. This is my space, enter it if you dare! I protect myself with the utmost respect, and I stand guard at my own front door! No pit bull, guard or alarm is going to protect me any more than I can. I won't allow anything to affect me, because I am a WOMAN, and I have things to do.

If you see a WOMAN walking down the street, with her purse on her shoulders, a sway in her hips, and a serious look on her face, just take time to know that she is a WOMAN, MOVE OUT OF HER WAY, because she has things to do.

Step on a crack, and break your back? Nope. I don't believe in that. Try NOT to reach your goals and break your life, yeah...that's more like it. You got things to do!

Although this writing may seem just like jibber jabber to some, there is someone out there that is going to feel every word of this.

-Miss Tameka R. Frost

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